The Complete Book Marketing Toolkit


"The beauty of Claire Wingfield's Book Marketing Toolkit is not just that the course material is bang up-to-date, or that you are set tasks to do that build up your knowledge, confidence and your own book marketing plan, but that you are given invaluable feedback on your progress. I highly recommend this course to any writer who wants to learn how to sell their books."

Andrew Marshall


"A great resource for anyone. Easy to understand and filled with practical advice. Highly recommended."

Richard Dee 

"Inspiring. I enjoyed it so much. It made me think in a different way. So far, I have made more sales of my books, have lots more followers on social media and have even been offered more consultancy work as a result of Claire Wingfield’s Book Marketing Toolkit."

Ruth Young


"I'd been putting off the whole idea of marketing for ages. But Claire's course presented what needed to be done in bite-size chunks which made everything a lot clearer and easier. It made everything look doable - so I did it! A great road map for a new Indie authors."

Liz Treacher


"Claire Wingfield’s Book Marketing Toolkit is excellent value for money when you consider the time it saves an author. I found it fascinating and the continued support months after I completed the course is invaluable. I have just held a giveaway following Claire’s advice and more than 1000 people entered!"

David Dunham


“I found Claire's Book Marketing Toolkit invaluable in the run up to the publication of my debut novel. The various lessons and tasks helped me to articulate how I wanted to present myself on social media and made me think about my identity as a writer. As a result of doing the course, I felt much better equipped for what lay ahead and when publication day came, I already felt comfortable with the online promotion I needed to engage in. Claire is knowledgeable, approachable and supportive. Her online courses are accessible and well designed. I wholeheartedly recommend her, whatever stage of the writing journey you are at.”

Tracey Emerson


"A seriously necessary piece of kit if you are serious about publishing successfully."

Julie D’ Amour


Modules include:  Fostering a Marketing Mindset, Your Author Identity, Author Photos and Other Images, Book Descriptions, Author Websites, Social Media for Authors, Pinterest for Authors, Book Promotions, Your Book Marketing Strategy, Future Proofing Your Sales, 21 Ways to Sell More Books and Other Downloads.