An innovative writing aid that will be hugely valuable to writers - Scottish Book Trust on 52 Dates for Writers


As an aspiring author I've read many how-to books in my life, some of them were insightful, some less insightful, but none of them was ever fun.

'52 Dates for Writers' is just that, great fun and insightful.

I found it astonishing to discover that through a purposeful date, I gained a fun experience, fresh perspective and a valuable lesson that will undoubtedly better my skills as a writer. I also found that drawing on these lessons is much easier, because the lesson is connected to an experience. I especially enjoyed the Go Geocaching date; it gave me a fresh outlook on the way in which I unravel my story and allowed me to deepen my understanding of a particular character in my manuscript, who is a treasure hunter, brilliant!

Yossi Mazon