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"Incredibly helpful."

Olga Wojtas, Scottish Book Trust New Writer Awardee

"Really helpful in providing a strong focus on my submissions journey and a massive help with my cover letter and synopsis."

Stephen Scarcliffe

"Super advice – thank you! I really am very, very thankful for Claire’s support as I submit my manuscript to publishers and agents. Not only am I confident my submissions documents are the best they can be, Claire helped me navigate several trickier issues in the submissions process."

David Dunham

"I am pleased to recommend unreservedly Claire both for the useful and comprehensive boot camp I visited (electronically) and the detailed and highly professional critique she made of the synopsis of a novel I have written as well as the letter to accompany it when approaching literary agents. She has certainly motivated me to try hard to find an agent – and audience – for my book."

Roger Partridge

"There’s a lot of information out there on submissions, but in practice it comes with complications and very many questions. Claire has made a real difference, with expert advice on genre and agent relationships. During Claire's submissions bootcamp I sent out 50 submissions and had 6 agents ask to see the full manuscript, which in itself was amazing. I've now signed with a London-based agent I'm very happy with and am looking forward to taking my writing to the next level as we prepare it to send to market. Thank you so much Claire!"

Tanya Gupta

If you have a manuscript ready to submit to publishers and agents, the Submissions Bootcamp has been designed especially for you.

This online course will make sure you follow the most efficient, professional and thorough submissions strategy.

Participants will gain a new and empowering perspective on submitting a manuscript. Your submissions period will be a time of growth, engagement, discovery and focus…each submission making your proposal more appealing to prospective publishers and agents.

Stay motivated, give your manuscript every possible chance, and learn about the publishing industry every step of the way. Put yourself in the best possible position for submissions success.

  • Individual feedback on your cover letter and synopsis
  • Personal support throughout your submissions period, helping you make sense of publisher / agent feedback and take the appropriate steps once your manuscript is garnering interest
  • Access to a closed Facebook group where I will continue to share updates to the course and submission openings, tips and advice.   

Modules include: understanding the submissions process, a publisher perspective, developing a confident mindset (or Why too many writers give up too easily – and how not to join them), researching your submissions, submissions documents and submissions etiquette, your online profile, improving your case for submission, staying motivated, responding to publisher interest, FAQs and next steps, submissions for previously self-published writers.