As a literary consultant, I provide specialist advice and support for writers. If you’re not sure which of the following services would suit you best, just email me a sample of your work and a little about your project at and I’ll be happy to advise. 


Whether you need help with a first novel or on a non-fiction work, my reader report service will provide a full professional overview of your manuscript, highlighting what is already working, and including plenty of suggestions for a fruitful and efficient revision period.

As a professional editor, I can work on-screen or on paper to help you produce the best possible draft of your manuscript.

If you’d like sustained support with your writing, including bespoke exercises and plenty of individual feedback, my popular writing mentorships run for 3, 6 or 9 months.




Did you know you can apply right now for professional feedback on your synopsis, product description, cover letter or submissions package? You can also submit the outline of a new idea for editorial feedback.

Synopsis, book blurb or book outline (up to 4 double-spaced pages): £40
Cover letter (up to 4 double-spaced pages): £40
Synopsis and cover letter together (up to 8 double-spaced pages): £60
Full submissions package (synopsis, cover letter and first 3 chapters / up to 50 pages): £195