After writing the first 20k words of Siege of the Northland, I realised I needed an objective view of my efforts. Basically, I wanted to know if I was completely wasting my time wrestling with this story that had taken root in my head.

Claire was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. And what a find!

Claire’s annotated copy of my work was enlightening and straight-to-the-point. I could immediately see what a difference the proposed changes made to the text.

The ten-page Reader Report, whilst encouraging, also politely but clearly pointed out what needed to be addressed in my overhaul approach to writing the novel, in order for its full potential to be reached. This has been invaluable. Lessons learnt from this early Reader Report have stayed with me throughout the two years it has taken to complete Siege of the Northland.

Ruth Rathband

A Geordie Up The Ganges Ebook Cover.jpg

While writing my debut novel, ‘A Geordie Up the Ganges’, Claire’s guidance was invaluable to me. She identified the areas in my manuscript which were slowing the story down, and her detailed feedback helped me to craft a neat and entertaining read. I’ve learned so much from working with Claire and have become a better writer throughout the process.

Nell Cook

Mermaid and the Bride cover download.jpg

I found Claire's service invaluable from start to finish. She annotated the text of my story 'The Mermaid and the Bride' and the edits she suggested really meant that the next draft was a better read. But she was also able to offer some great advice the whole self-publishing process, something which I knew little about. I'll definitely be using Claire's service when I'm writing and publishing the other stories in the collection.

MJ Brocklebank


Surpassed all expectations. Claire's service is excellent. Her report on my manuscript was not only extraordinarily helpful in improving it, her comments, in conjunction with the annotations (and many suggested deletions!), were an education. I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire to any writer, whether beginner or experienced.

Andrew G Marshall


Thanks for your critique on my novel, Claire; it's exactly what I was looking for. This is the just the ammunition I need to take my manuscript from being a 'not bad' to a 'wow!' Your report's just so detailed, clear and useful, that I'm just champin' at the bit to get going with my revisions. I've had reports from other consultancies, and I can say from experience, that the professionalism and sheer usefulness of your report is head and shoulders above the rest.

Mark Leggatt

Your writing plan is super! Very well structured and easy to follow. As an unpublished writer I can honestly say this is very useful indeed. You have a lovely way of phrasing your constructive comments, which makes the reader report very easy to digest. Your enthusiasm to get everything 'spot on' shines through. You really do 'walk the extra mile' to give an excellent, professional service.

Anne Williams

I have been very impressed by your detailed, in-depth engagement with my work. Your report has provided me with a great deal of clear, constructive advice which will be invaluable when I set about re-drafting my manuscript. I have also appreciated your prompt yet warm, personal responses to my e-mails. Many thanks for a marvellous service.

Rose Chitseko, Writer

Thank you very much for your report on the opening chapters of my novel. What you have said has been very helpful; you've made some great suggestions that will help me a lot.

Tracey Ramsay

I’m a reasonably successful short story writer, and the first three chapters of my first novel were shortlisted for an international prize. So I knew something was wrong when the novel itself couldn’t attract an agent or get published. Colleagues in my writers’ group gave me very positive feedback, but what I really required was a dispassionate, honest critique. The report I received from Claire was exactly what I needed – hard but fair, and clearly identifying the areas that needed attention. Her comments were spot-on and very helpful indeed.

Paul Curd

Claire delivered a valuable manuscript assessment. She was also able to be extremely flexible in her service, which was particularly important for an international first-time client such as myself.

Morten Rand

I self-published my first novel and although I'd had great feedback from those that read it, when I submitted the first three chapters along with a cover letter and synopsis to several agents I only received rejection letters. I contacted Claire and sent her exactly what I had been sending to agents, as well as a copy of my book. She read everything that I sent to her then wrote a report which I found to be of great use because not only did she advise how to approach agents in a professional manner, she also suggested ways to improve my novel, while highlighting the positives. I will always use Claire for whatever else I write because she is approachable, friendly, and meets her promised deadline. I now feel a renewed sense of optimism towards my writing.

Steven Dee

Your report has been a great help to me. I am doing well with my revisions - it has definitely been easier to return to the manuscript after a break and your support is excellent motivation to keep at it!

Lorna Fraser

Thank you very much for your reading and critical appraisal. It’s been invaluable.

Sarah Abraham-Knight


Thank you again for your comments on my novel. Whatever happens next, this has been a good and important process to go through.

Andrew Stott Google

I'm really glad I contacted Claire. Her report really focused in on what was preventing my novel realising its potential. I feel it was money well spent!

Jackie Baldwin