Editorial Services 

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As an editor, I can work on-screen or on paper to help you produce the best possible draft of your manuscript. I work with both self-publishers and writers submitting to publishers and agents. I can offer all levels of editing, from a developmental edit including suggestions for structural change and wider revision, to copyediting and final proofreading.

For self-publishers, additional support I can offer includes: help with the production process - including typesetter and designer recommendations; proofreading; devising a creative and low-budget marketing strategy; writing a compelling blurb, complete with Search Engine Optimisation.

For writers submitting to publishers and agents, additional support I can offer includes: advice on submissions strategy and communicating with publishers / agents.

Whether my writers are traditionally published or self-published, in print or digital media, upon publication I offer whatever support I can. I include round-ups of recent publications in my monthly writing e-newsletter and my social-media feeds.

To find out more about editing services, email a sample from your work plus the word count of the material you would like edited, to contact@clairewingfield.co.uk