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With Editor and Literary Consultant Claire Wingfield

The Pleasance Edinburgh (Cabaret Bar), Saturday November 10th 2018, 12pm-4pm

This workshop will discuss what is needed to self-publish successfully – and produce the best possible product. We’ll be covering:

The cost of self-publishing – where you need to spend and where you don’t

The essential steps in publishing your work independently

Cover design and typesetting

Selling online, in person, and to bookshops

Refining your product.

We will be looking at examples of best practice, to help you tune in to what can make a difference in the sales potential of any book.


There will be time to share ideas and product descriptions for feedback.



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Your course was fantastic! I now feel fully equipped to self-publish a new edition of my story collection as well as the non-fiction titles I've been writing. I have a clear map of the process and really sage insider guidance on all the choices to be made along the way. Thank you!

Fiona Thackeray